Adobe Slate – A New Way To Share Visually Rich Stories

Do you use iPads in your classroom and like me are tired of the same old Keynote presentations? Well, you may be pleasantly surprised by the new Adobe Slate iPad app which is free in the App Store.

Adobe Slate is a fast, easy and beautiful way to share photos, text and links. It allows one to present visually rich stories on the internet.

You move from viewport to viewport by scrolling vertically; they’re not really pages, just another asset. You can insert a photo, a group of photos automatically laid out in a grid, a text block, or a button link. The app supports Apple’s voice dictation for text entry. The supported types of assets is kind of limited at the moment; notably absent are video and vector graphics.

One can not save and manipulate the files because they are stored in Adobe’s cloud. There are direct share widgets for Facebook, Twitter; email or message with an image and link; or copying a link or embed code to the clipboard. Emailing can only use the native iOS Mail, so if you’re on Gmail you can’t do it. When you upload a project it retains a unique URL, so if you need to go back and edit it, it doesn’t break the link when you re-upload.

Here is a quick sample that I created about an app smash that we just just finished. Please click or tap below to view.

The Terracotta Army

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